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Stand Firm

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Easter Sunday 
Garment of Praise
Garment of a Servant
What's In Your House?
Holy Spirit and Fire
Worship Is Warfare
The Sower || The Seed || The Soil Part 2
Don't Ignore the Warning Signs
|| Pursuing Godliness ||
|| Pursuing... Patience/Perserverance ||
God Has the final Say
Get Rid of Your Murmuring
Hindered & Unhindered Prayer
Involved Prayer
Mother's Day. Put on the Whole Armor of God!
Warfare Prayer!
Holy Spirit: Who He is and What He Does Part 1
Pass It Down
The Focus of Worship
How to Impact Today's Culture
|| Pursuing Righteousness ||
|| Pursuing Faith ||
Who Are You?
Get Rid of the Past
Virtual Christmas Service 2022
|| Agreement Prayer ||
Don't Be Deceived
|| Holy Spirit... We Need More of Him ||
Holy Spirit: Who He is and What He Does Part 2
Worship: More Than What You See
The Sower || The Seed || The Soil
Lions, Tigers, and B... Gators!   Who Cares?
|| Pursuing Righteousness Part 2 ||
|| Pursuing Love ||
Who Do You Desire?
Get Rid of Bitterness
Shaking Prayer
Here I Am... Send Me
Faith Over Fear
Men... Moving Forward.

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The Power of Testimony 
Wednesday Night Revival 27 Apr
We are Called to Serve!