Meet Our Team

Byron and Frankie Powers
Lead Pastors

Pastor and Frankie have been married for 40 years and have three children and five grandchildren. They are passionate about Christ and His church. It is their desire to see new people come to faith in Christ and become fully devoted followers. The Powers believe strong families are vital to the health of the church and so they put a lot of emphasis on strengthening families.

Chris and Melanie Ellison
Worship Leader and Treasurer

Chris and Melanie have been married for 22 years and have two children, Noah and Elizabeth. The Ellison’s are also dog lovers and have three dachshunds. Throughout their marriage they  have served in many areas of ministry but primarily music. Chris serves as the church treasurer and Melanie has served as Minister of Music at Compass since 2015. Melanie says, “Worship is something very near to my heart. Singing is how I talk to Jesus. More importantly, music is how Jesus talks to me. Leading the congregation in worship is what my job is every service, but in all honesty, I just sing and try to get into His presence myself. If I can get there, then it makes it easier for the people in the congregation can follow.”

Tony and Rachel Stover
Outreach Ministers

Tony and Rachel Stover have been married for 4 years and have 3 children, Gentry, Declan and Adeline. The Stovers have been serving in various ministries at CWC for the last 7 years. Although, willing to pitch in many different ways, their central focus is Outreach Ministry. One of Jesus’ commandments was to preach the good news of the gospel around the world. The Stovers believe before we go to other parts of the world, we should show Jesus to our community first. Their main goal is to take the church outside of the four walls and minister to others through action. Part of that action for Rachel shows as she also serves as our Social Media Coordinator.